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ISTEC - Israeli Technologies - is a central player in an ecosystem focused on cutting-edge cybersecurity, intelligence, advanced solutions, and training systems

ISTEC provides an arsenal of exceptional information gathering and defense capabilities to thwart cyber threats and security challenges - from crime to terror

ISTEC is led by senior officers and experienced managers with extensive experience in security organizations integrating technology systems while empowering personnel

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At the forefront of Cyber Security Innovation and Defense

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PROTECT YOUR CASINO from The Vault thru Floor and Players List

ISTEC - The Gaming Industry Cybersecurity Leader


S.O.C. - The ultimate protection...

Top Israeli cyber security experts monitor your organization to deter, detect, and respond utilizing proven technology, techniques, and tactics - real-time event management - T1-4 analysts with real-life hacking and cracking experience, advanced forensic capabilities and malware analysis as well as Incident Response and Cyber Intel

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Digital Risk Protection managed service program providing access to both Argos™ and a team of domain - cyber intelligence experts thus taking your CTI program to the next level.  Our analyst provides you with the critical element to threat intelligence - the human touch. Your dedicated analyst will perform activities to extract quality intelligence and enable the most effective mitigation of identified cyber threats.  
Digital Risk Protection


Be proactive, protect your business

Evaluate your CyberSec readiness

The cybersecurity readiness assessment is based on an attacker’s approach. The methodology incorporates best practices and unique state and corporate level experience. An elite team of experts, guided by practical defense methodology, investigates the organization’s IT security posture, security systems and software, cybersecurity teams, working procedures, monitoring and response capabilities, and so much more.

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Check the strength of your defense

Challenge your cyber security at the hands of qualified and experienced personnel… only then, can you truly identify the gaps and vulnerabilities in organizational security. ISTEC brings together professional hackers and investigators to create the most efficient and realistic hacking simulations.

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Ensure Business Continuity by

Secure Cloud Backup

Minimize Legal Risk & Maintain Regulatory Compliance


life-like simulations of sustained cyberattacks in a risk-free environment - expert training to ensure your people are ready for an actual event

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Social Engineering Toolkit

A fusion of assessment, threat intelligence, technology, training and awareness conducted by ex-police experts - 24/7 Social Engineering Situation Action Room (SESAR)

Col. (Ret.) Uri Halperin

Co-Founder, CEO

Meir Shachar

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Carlos Branco

Senior Advisor, Europe

Frank Mishima

Chief Consultant - IT GRC

Lior Lotem

Director, Central Europe

Karl Basel

Director, Western Europe

Maddox Vanditti

Advisor, Scandinavia

Avi Levacov

Advisor, Brazil - LatAm

Captain (Ret.) Murat Mercan

Advisor - North America

Andrew Esterman

Advisor, North America

Amit Cohen

Director, Africa

Sergio Fourmane

Director, LatAm and The Caribbean

Elazar Hertz Van Spiegel

Senior Consultant - HLS Technologies

Victoria Parrott

Senior Advisor - Gaming & Global Enterprises

Josef Manaster

Special Projects Manager, Brazil

Yael Pinco

Advisor, Government and Banking

Carlos Enrique Perez

Advisor, SMEs, Government and Banking

Karina Saez

Advisor, Government, Banking and Finance

Fabiana Rodriguez

Advisor, Government, Agriculture / AgriTech, Global Trading

Ambassador Daniel Saban

Latin America and the Caribbean

Dr. Margarita Belichenko

Director, Cyber Training

Philip Rosenthal

Senior Advisor

Superintendent (Ret.) Ayal ‘Eyal’ Sharon

Senior Advisor, Cyber Intelligence

David Schwartz

Advisor, Asia

Eng. Olga Dvorkin

Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Einat Meyron

Cyber Resilience Expert


Local SOC

Build & Operate a joint Security Operations Center

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Cybersecurity Services for Professionals

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